Can't delete/overwrite clips

I’d had an issue for quite a while when exporting/overwriting files on our NAS.
We use SMB for mounting since it works with our Active directory for permissions and is used on all our Macs. I know that in order to use it for the flame without issue, it has to be NFS.
Because of this I cannot overwrite or delted files on our NAS unless I exit Flame.
I’m not sure what the reason is. But it seems to have to do with some file locking within the flame processes. Flame doesn’t seem to be releasing the lock even though the process has finished.
Is anyone else dealing with this?

bumping this as we have the same issue with SMB & ActiveDirectory on both mac & linux flames. We can’t delete our own movie exports from Flame. We CAN delete jpegs & other formats though… v weird.
Autodesk have a blanket ‘SMB not supported’ response to this. Does anyone out there have SMB/AD working? @Hengy did you manage to resolve it?

We’ve had this issue for years as well. It’s dumb and bad.

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Never resolved it. I have to exit flame and re enter several times a day to keep directories clean. Might be only a minute each time but it adds up over the course of days and weeks. Let alone the aggravation.
@fredwarren @Slabrie is there anything that can be done to fix or work around this problem?


exit/re-enter flame does remove some of them, but it doesnt remove movies with spaces in the filename! They only seem go after a reboot!
We can delete Nuke movie exports no problem.


Report the issue to support so they can investigate it with you.

hey Fred, we got this ‘unsupported’ response when reporting it today & asking why it’s only movie files that are affected;

“No I can’t explain that I’m afraid, but a simple test is to export the same files to a locally attached storage and also an NFS server. If the files work fine, then the problem is the unsupported network mount.”

@TimD and @Hengy please provide the support ticket ID for this issue so we can follow up with our Support team.

Hey Stéphane

i’m just waiting to hear back from our reseller re. Ticket ID so i’ll add that here when i get it.

In the meantime i’ve been digging a little deeper into this by using ‘lsof *’ on the command-line. There are a mix of jpegs (we can delete) & movie files (we cant delete) in the folder i’m using;

$ lsof *
wiretapga 2033971 td 17r REG 0,48 21305 107639 mov2.mp4
wiretapga 2033971 td 42r REG 0,48 21305 107644 mov3.mp4
wiretapga 2033971 td 43r REG 0,48 21305 107910 movdelete1.mp4
wiretapga 2033971 td 44r REG 0,48 670208 74391
wiretapga 2033971 td 46r REG 0,48 21305 108097 testmov3.mp4

looks like wiretapgateway still has the movie files open, even though it’s finished writing them? this cld prevent them from being deleted i guess. Do you know of any way to remove the locks? or maybe restarting wiretap wld clear them? At least then we’d have a workaround?


here it is;
Case No: 21815634

Thanks Tim for the details! We will have a look and try to reproduce in our lab.

To be fair, wiretap isn’t leaving them open when exporting to the z8 system drive, and we CAN delete movie exports from there. So it’s a SMB/networky thing somewhere…

thanks Stéphane

Thanks for opening the case @TimD. Hopefully the brains will have a solution in no time.

I wouldn’t hold your breath, our reseller/tech-support are trying stuff but I’m told Adsk is sticking to the ‘not supported’ line so we’re at an impasse right now.

The fact that we can create/delete a jpeg export but not a movie export suggests to me that the smb network protocol is capable. My best guess is that the flame movie export process still has some kind of hold/lock on its render that samba cant deal with. I’m told there’s nothing we can do to the file ‘post-export’ to fix it. Noone has actually identified what exactly ‘it’ is, but I’m not giving up!

My mate Google lists several cases where samba users can’t delete files, though none so far where it’s only a particular file type.

Would really love to hear from anyone on this forum using samba/smb who is able to delete a movie export… or indeed anyone with any further suggestions/insight into the issue.


Submitted a request for smb support here;

Thank you. Upvoted!

Thanks Tim for filling the request linked here and in flame-feedback! This is really appreciated!

I managed to lose the open-file tags by restarting wiretap gateway in the flame prefs/storage/restart-local-gateway. There were some other ‘open’ tags held by ‘ADPClient’ which i got rid of by changing the help>privacy_settings to ‘required data’ only.

Movies now have no ‘open’ flags but still cant delete them. Ah well…