Can't Delete from House NAS

Got a strange problem. We’ve got a House NAS that is running the ZFS file system. When Flame is running I don’t have the ability to delete files generated by Flame from it. If I exit Flame I can again delete files from the NAS.
Is there any special way to mount smb shares to work with Flame and wiretap and allow me to delete files while Flame is running?
In addition I can’t delete files generated by Flame from the File Manager GUI or the terminal while Flame is running

Hey Hengy

I think you have snapshots turned on on the mount which means your not getting the space back straight away as it wants to store files on it. If its freenas you can find tutorials on youtube on how to change your settings and also get rid of old ones.


Thank you Jack. I’ll pass that along and let you know.

You’re correct.