Can't see other flame projects on 2023.0.1

Recently installed flame 2023.01 from 2022.2 update and can no longer see other flames projects. Other flames have been updated as well and are having the same issue. Stone / Wire and Wiretap have all been restarted as well as rebooting machines.

Any ideas?

Lemme guess. Mac right?

actually linux

Centos 7 or Rocky Linux, right? All the flames can ping each other and their own host name?

Centos 07 and all flames can ping each other as well as hostname

We ended up getting it resolved with autodesk support. The issue had something to do with the config files not lining up. I’m not exactly sure why they did but it’s working again now.

I know this is a long shot but do you have the case number by chance? we are experiencing a similar issue! :frowning: Wondering if we could get autodesk to pull it up as reference.

Are you on linux and did an upgrade of flame and using SelfDiscovery? From 2023.x there were some changes made and some weird known issues that popped up – I think all of these should be fixed in the latest versions of 2023.3 and 2024.x

Check to see if you had defined some of the key/values in the interfaces section of /opt/Autodesk/cfg/network.cfg – if you did, you should comment out the Multicast key, so it looks like # Multicast=

If you have multiple interfaces on the flame workstation, you may want to have tech support double check your cfg/set up, as flame always chooses/wants the first interface.

And then in /lib/systemd/system/adsk_wiretapgateway.service you should add in
ExecStartPre=-/sbin/ip link set lo multicast on
(you can add it above the other ExecStartPre lines)

Reboot workstation.

Also check that NFS/automount/autofs is configured and running correctly.

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Thanks for the prompt reply. We troubleshooted and actually managed to come to the same conclusion hah. Sorry for the delayed reply.

Appreciate the exact answer we had to come up with as well!