Change Flame Default Font Systemwide

Hola best looking people in the universe,

…is it possible to change Flame’s default Type system (software) wide and not per user?
e.g. in Flame Setup?

as far as i know, it is only possible per flame-user, up to now…
(i want to change the default type to something really, really stupid, so that u’ll immediately notice, if flame’s forgoten your type, which took u so long to set up… and ideally system- or software-wide)

Any insight?

1k thx in advance!

What are you talking about?

text tool
…sometimes it happens, that flame forgets the font u used in text-tool… and resets the font to “discreet”, which is the default flame font.
but the “discreet”-font looks sometimes very similar to the font which flame forgot about previously…
so i want to change the default-flame-font in text-tool to something really obvious… like “ComicSans SuperExtremeBold”
this is possible in
flame-user-preferences ->Tools/TL FX → Time FX Text
but only per user.

My question is, if this is changeable for the entire system/software, so that i don’t have to tell all the freelancer do change the default typo in their flame-user-setting…

There used to be a default font in the init.cfg file, but I don’t see it anymore. Copy the font you want to use and rename it discreet might do it.

It would be amazing if this affected the UI too. an all-comic-sans UI. Glorious.


Back in days of old, the font for the archive billboards (that went down at the head of videotape archives) was referenced to the font chosen for the burn in time code. I used to change it to “Hebrew” which was English characters in a Hebrew character style. It used to drive the other artists nuts because none of them knew how to change it back.