Change(rotate) orientation of a shot in a Seqeunces Reel (-90 ccw)

Hello forum

Selected a sequence of single shots (TIFFs) in MediaHub, defined the “Still Duration”,
imported them to the Default Library and dropped them to a Reel (in Timeline).

Then selected all frames/shots residing in Reel 1, right-clicked and pressed
“Splice Selected”. Then clicked on an other Reel.

How can a single shot be rotated (90 degrees ccw) ?

Thank’s a lot!


Hi Joe,

You can rotate the shot in one of two ways:

If you open the shot as a timeline, you can either commit all the edits into a single segment or drop a gap segment above the entire edit. You can now apply a 2D transform to rotate the shot 90 degrees counter clockwise.

If you want to completely generate a new shot without using the timeline, you can go to the Tools Environment (tab) and choose the 2D transform tool. You can rotate the shot 90 degrees counter clockwise and render a new clip in the reels.

Hope this helps!


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If I understand correctly, you have (let’s say)a 1920x1080 shot and you want that to be 1080x1920 rotated 90 degrees?

If this is the case create a single frame 1080x1920 res and attache to it your footage. Then 2d transform rotate 90.

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One thing to add to La_Flame’s post, when using Desktop 2D Transform, if you set its output resolution to “Auto Scale” you don’t have to pre-enter the result resolution under “User Defined”, the frame size will automatically update as the image is rotated.

That said, a Rotate tool (+90º, +180º, +270º) would be great to have as both a Desktop tool as well as a node in Batch.

It would compliment the Flip node nicely and to be honest, I’d probably use it more than Flip considering how likely it is to get an image from someone’s device with an incorrect orientation tag.

Thanks to each of you for the help! “Auto Scale” made the thing much easier :slight_smile:

Still something is not clear to me… after hitting “Auto Scale” and “Render” the number of
the frames of the rotated shot/frame is reduced to 35 (originally 62).

It seems that this could be “fixed” with the Trimm tool in Timeline, but it’s not so comfortable…

What am I doing wrong?


Hello joe99 –

Two things come to mind…

– Has your Batch Start Frame been changed from “1”?

– Does your Batch Render node have a “Step” value other than 1? If your Batch has a duration of 100 frames and your Render node’s “Step” value is set to “2” then Flame will render every other frame of the comp and you’d end up with a 50-frame result clip

Thanks ä lot for te repyl I am sorry that I cannot yet follow your advice. It’s one of my dreams, to be able to work in Batch, but at the moment I am limited to work in Timeline and the Tools Environment… due to lack of Flame-knowledge - :frowning: