Changing still duration if clip in a Sequences Reel

Hello forum,

would like to check how my clip does look if the still duration (actually per shot/Tiff: 00:00:02+08)
is reduced. It should be possible to reverse those changes, if possible not just with the Undo-feature :slight_smile:

Can such a still duration change be applied in one step (in storyboard view, each segment within your sequence is represented as a frame) ?

Thank’s a lot!


How I made this clip:
Right-clicked and choosed Splice Selected. Then clicked on another Reel to make a single clip of all the frames.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. Add a Timewarp Timeline FX on all segments
  2. Change the Timewarp type from Speed to Duration
  3. Enter the desired Duration in the associated numeric field.

Once you are done, you can either undo or delete the Timewarp.

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Thank’s a lot Fred for the promt help! First I did add an additional Trac and tried to add a Timewarp Timeline FX (but the option TW was not available)

So i marked all segements(Control + A) and added a Timewarp Timeline FX and followed your advices. It does work great :slight_smile:

The only pending issue is, that the above Burn-In Metadata Track kept it’s original lenght. I expect that this is an intended behaviour.

Is the Trimm tool the way to adapt the length of this BM track to the new legth of the “main-timeline” (undo should be possible after some time)?

Thank you!