Changing color of an object in the background, but its the same color as everything else

Theres a fight scene that has this green/brown/reddish pole color behind them, however since this is a period piece they don’t want this pole to be obvious. Instead of taking it out completely they opted that just changing the color so it’s less obvious would be fine.
Using the color warper I select that pole color and it seems to match a lot with everything else going on in that scene. So I was thinking maybe I do the best I can trying to pull a matte of just that pole and then gmask the matte to just that pole. So far this is taking forever, so wanted to see if anyone has any other ideas that are a better time efficient way to pick that color for just that one piece so I can change it to a darker shade?

I uploaded 2 clips
pw: SOF

I mean, if I was doing it, I would just do a gmask of the pole, bit of motion blur, grade it and then paint reveal anything that goes in front. Shouldn’t take too long as they’re quite short shots?

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Ooo that could be a good idea…When you say “grade” can you explain a little more on that…Like what exactly you would be doing?

I just mean colour correct the pole using the mask.

I understand…But what exactly would you be doing? The footage is very dark…would I be playing with Contrast/offset/gain/gamma? To the master? or playing with shadows? In the action node or is the outside color correct node better? Would I do a proportional “motion blur” ? etc…

I’d keep it pretty simple as it is only a pole haha. I would just use the histogram in a separate cc node, on the individual r,g,b settings, keeping an eye on the black levels making sure they still match the plate. As for the motion blur, just match your motion blurred edges of your mask to match the motion blur in the plate.

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