Changing Playback speed


I would like to reduce the playback speed while watching the clip in the Player (only for the current
clip beeing watched) . Up and down arrow keys does not help …



Page Up/down should do it.

Uo and down arrows are for Smoke Hotkeys.

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Thank’s for the feedback. Page Up/down does work great in Timeline, but has no effect in Effects…

Any ideas?

Feature request?

Flame hot key: Shift-L. Shift-J for backwards.

It seems that I am doing something wrong… but pressing the shift-key and L or shift-key and J in Effects has no effect on the playback speed… I am using Falme 2021-2

Thank’s for additional help!


Is this a Flame for Linux hot key or should that work as well under macOS?

Thank’s a lot!

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The hotkeys for Mac and Linux are the same. But don’t forget Smoke Hotkeys can Flame Hotkeys. Which one are you using? If it’s smoke Hotkeys, then up and down arrow in the player / timeline adjusts playback speed.

You can repeatedly hit both Shift-L and Shift-J to slow it down even more on flame or linux.

On my Apple Extended keyboard, PageUp and PageDown works great to change the playback-speed
for content shown in the player of Timeline. Does that mean I am not using Smoke Hotkeys…?

Sorry but I am probably stupid… but does “Shift-L” mean pressing the key Shift AND the key L ?

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@joe99 you are using Flame Hotkeys.

Not a stupid question at all! Shift L = Shift + L at the same time. Correct!

Hmm since Shift-L and Shift-J does not work for me, I am wondering if I gave you the right informations about where I am trying to change the playback speed. It’s here in Effects: