Editing Using Keyboard Only

After been working remotely for several years today I was wondering if it is possible to edit in Flame using only keyboard commands. I am trying to find a medicine to “pointer delay+very small buttons”.

Anyone with some experience on this? I remember a Smoke guy at MPC doing just (kind of) this. It was very impressive.

Absolutely. I find it MUCH faster than dragging clips around willy nilly. Set your Record in and out, then your Source in and out and insert, overwrite, replace, fit to fill, etc. Trim with the keyboard, lift, ripple insert, ripple delete - all the key commands are there.

Use the Keyboard Shortcut editor to find the commands you want, and if there are none assigned to the function you need, you can apply what you’re used to.

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Thanks Josh

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Julio, you might want to try switching to Smoke hotkeys if you’re going to spend a lot of time editing. They should be geared more toward keyboard editing than Flame hotkeys.


GPM beat me to it, I always switch to Smoke hot keys when editing.

We should all do a hot key swap for one week.


Smoke hotkeys for the win. Or, publish everything and never edit ever again.