Editing Gestures/keyboard shortcuts on Mac Flame vs Linux...are they different? having issues

I am running a Flame on Ultra Studio, on 2023.
I like to use a classic Flame user, and the timeline shortcut keys for jumping between edits is the up and down arrows. Fine, no problem there.

Finer controls… when holding ctrl + up or down arrow… it will jump to the first edit point of any Video layer, but now on MAC it does not. Insrtead, it does some sort of Apple/Mac OS function and minimizes my apps…

Whats up? Is there a way around this?

New Mac Flamer
thanks in Advance.

In order to have the ctrl-up arrow and down arrow function as normal, you need to turn off the keyboard shortcuts in the mac OS settings.
Go to:
Uncheck both Mission Control (ctrl-up-arrow) and Application Windows (ctrl-down-arrow)

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Thank You ever so much Darren.

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