Navigating the Clip Library In Flame. Do you ever wish?

… that you could cycle through the clips in your library using the up and down arrow keys?
If you hit the up key it will most likely just result in something happening on your timeline (for me, next cut).

Sometimes I want to just quickly look at my transfer folder shot by shot, but not have to contextually click icons to see the visual result.

I am aware I can browse with icons but that is super taxing and still cumbersome.

Do you have a simpler way to do this?
Is this a silly feature request?

just a thought, don’t shoot me.

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+1 on this, arrow up and down in browser. They are otherwise unused keys.

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Multiple times, every day!

@DanMargules a way exists!

If you are in your flame library and not the Media Hub, select your first clip in any reel, and hold Shift + Left or Right arrow.

This also will work to toggle between multiple open sequences.

I’ve also submitted a feature request for navigating within MediaHub, located here:




Thanks Eric!

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Smoke hotkeys you can walk through the list by hitting opt-v (down) opt-c (up). Think of it like you are playing forwards or backwards.

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Basically keyboard navigating the MediaHub like any file browser on mac/linux/pc



Same to go between clips in a reel. And shift arrow does for flame clips in a reel. Handy when using big player during a presentation.

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