Changing the Flamestore device


as my Flamestore (external TB SSD) remains full even there is only one remaining projekt stored on it and ‘VIC’ and ‘sw_Purge’ does not release any space, my last hope is to:

  • delete the project (in Project and User Settings)
  • detach (logically) the Flame media store from Flame (don’t know yet how)
  • and to format the partition
  • finally restore the Flame Archive

Is this possible without reinstalling Flame?

Is this a good idea or do i miss something?


Thank you very much in advance for any feedback!


I am on macOS Catalina

Hiya @joe99 , sorry you’re experiencing this. Looks like a frustrating situation you’ve been battling for a while. Here’s a few options you can try.

First, of course, backup your Flame projects. Make sure they are backed up and open before you delete anything.

Then, copy /opt/Autodesk to be somewhere safe. You never know and its only a few gigs so keep it around.

Now, you have options. You could format the entire disk and reinstall everything. Every once in a while I choose to do this, maybe once a year. If you don’t want to do that, no problem, simple delete the entirety of opt/Autodesk, reformat the disk you have your framestore on, and reinstall. But, that is using a rather large hammer when a smaller one would likely suffice. If you do choose to do that, every once in a while I do this and I get an error about licensing on launch after reinstalling Flame for the first time, and have to redownload and reinstall the Autodesk Licensing Service application from the Autodesk store. There are lotsa casual terms in the busines but if you are looking to blatt/wipe/nuke/feformat the framestore and all the Flame projects and start over WHILST KEEPING FLAME INSTALLED, here’s a procedure to do that.

See below. The first line “mnt/StorageMedia…” is where I keep my framestore on my Linux machine. You could either change that path to be YOUR framestore, OR, if you are on a Mac, just use whatever Disk Utility or any other tool you are comfortable with to format that actual physical disk. This will effectively kill all the projects/clips/media/framestore, allowing you to start over, whilst keeping the Autodesk Flame software installed and intact.

(your framestore path will likely be different)
rm -rfv /mnt/StorageMedia/p7/AutodeskMediaStorage/{,.}

(these paths should be the same for you and me)
rm -rfv /opt/Autodesk/project/{,.}
rm -rfv /opt/Autodesk/clip/stonefs/{,.}
rm -rfv /opt/Autodesk/sw/swdb/{,.}
rm -rfv /opt/Autodesk/sw/.swdb/{,.}

(run a vic if you can, youre stonefs number/name will be different), you could skip it if you need to
/opt/Autodesk/io/bin/vic -v stonefs -f

(use this command or just restart the box)
systemctl restart adsk_sw

Thank you very very much Randy for the help! I am going to try what you suggested and will let you know about the result.


OK, I save the projects and /opt/Autodesk, deletet the last project in Flame and erased/formatted the Flamestore partition from withing macOS (Command+R)

After all of the following 4 commands, macOS says: rm: “.” and “…” may not be removed

rm -rfv /opt/Autodesk/project/{,.}
rm -rfv /opt/Autodesk/clip/stonefs/{,.}
rm -rfv /opt/Autodesk/sw/swdb/{,.}
rm -rfv /opt/Autodesk/sw/.swdb/{,.}

Don’t know if this message is of importance…

After performing the “Flame Setup” and restarting Flame, Flames says “No volumes configured/mounted on host” (pls see screenshots). In “Flame Setup” I tried to mount/select “AutodeskMediaStorage” and “Flamestore”, but always the message. “The name is already used” is shown :frowning:

Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Why are you using a horribly old NFR version?

Ok I will check if fxphd does offer a newer version :slight_smile:

Your config already has an entry for /Volumes/Flamestore. Delete the old entry(s) and it will create the appropriate folder.

Those entries are just lines of text within the config file so you won’t lose anything but deleting them.

Thank you for the help! It does work now :slight_smile: