Can't remove Action from TL FX - "locked clips"

I’m blowing up the forum today, sorry.
Imported an XML to conform, there are a bunch of segments that came in with Action TL FX for resizing. They’re wrong, so I want to junk that Action. I try dragging it out and get the error message “Selection contains locked clips.”

Whaaa? I cannot find a way to get rid of this Action. I haven’t locked anything.


Control/alt clicking, etc. does not disable the Action.

Turn on the resize softfx then you can disable the action or delete it…

Tried it - still can’t remove Action.

Well that’s new. Love that for us.

Oh wait - it works only if you alt-tap the Action. You can’t drag it out. Good enough. Thanks!

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This might help with the repos:

The latest version is in the Logik Portal.


I’ve never seen this before. Is there now a right click lock segment?

As for the problem, glad you’ve got round it for now. If you can’t throw the action away, perhaps you could export an edl for the offending clips, match them out and reconform?

FLME-60152 : “An Action Timeline FX can’t be deleted when there’s a disabled Resize Timeline FX on the same timeline segment.” has been fixed in Flame 2023.0.1


I didn’t realize this was a bug. I thought it was done on purpose for a reason I couldn’t imagine. Thank you for fixing it.