Clip Markers in BFX?

On 2023.0.1 - noticed if i put a Clip Marker on a clip (shift ), when that clip gets a BFX applied, i cannot see the marker on my timeline when inside the bfx.

Is there a way to reveal this marker? Its very useful to line up specific points in the edit that then need work inside BFX…

Hi Adam,

Using segment markers on segments in the sequence will not be displayed in the BFX time bar because the BFX is typically looking at the Timeline level.

However, if you use sequence markers over the areas of the BFX, those will appear in the BFX editor. The only drawback is the markers won’t move with the BFX gap segment if you move it around the sequence.

Hope this helps!


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thanks Grant - that’ll teach me not to try be organised :grin:!