Timeline Markers in BFX

I just submitted a Feature Request (FI-02640) because i cannot find a way to see the names of my Timeline Markers whilst working in a BFX.

If there is a way - please tell me…its doing my head in having a sea of blue markers and no clue what each refers to!

If there isn’t and you would like this too, please add a vote to the request




Yes that would be a good feature. It must be to do with getting the metadata, because if you put a marker on the ‘mini-timeline’ in BFX you can then call up the markers menu in the normal way with Cntrl+5, but that only gets you to those specific timeline or segment markers in the BFX, not the ones in the main timeline. They don’t seem to be linked at all, so you can’t access the ones in the BFX mini-timeline in the main timeline either, or indeed vice versa.

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