Color Remap for Flame

You are probably all familiar with the Resolve Color Warper as a helpful tool to make some surgical adjustments to colors.

That tool was predated by the Nobe Color Remap plugin, same folks who make OmniScope. By all appearance BMD just ripped it off without asking nicely.

Product page: Nobe Color Remap plugin
YT demo: Nobe Color Remap plugin for DaVinci Resolve Promo - YouTube

I was talking to the developer, and it’s already an OFX plugin, but has some platform specific UI elements. Currently it’s not supported in Flame.

Flame has great color correction tools, but this color remapping is one of the blind spots (unless I missed it), at least in terms of efficient UI. You can pull keys and do some gymnastics if needed with current tools.

How much interest would there be in an implementation in Flame if we can convince the developer to solve the UI gap on Flame?


The original idea for such an tool interface is not from a Nobe Color. First, it was introduced in 3D Lut Creator a long time ago for Photoshop. Nobe guys made their iteration several years later. I heard BMD make some kind of a deal with an original developer (could be wrong here)

PS Most of what it does can be made with a standard curve tool + div/mult trick to reduce artifacts if they happen.


Yes, you can do this with classic tools. But as with all things Flame, speed is an important factor. Would the interface of color remap be a useful workflow improvement?

Also the color wraper tool allows you to select hue & sat range at the same time for a correction. In curves tool those are separate, disconnected adjustments.

This is something that should be implemented as a Matchbox not an OFX if possible so that it can be used in Image, given the tool’s intended usage.

That would be a bonus.

At the moment it’s a semi-discontinued product since Resolve took a way a lot of the market. Keeping it as an OFX would reduce effort to get it into Flame, and then could be redone as a Matchbox once audience is viable.

Though if they do a Matchbox from the get-go, that would be nice. Also not sure what the UI capabilities of a Matchbox are?

We have a copy of the 3DLut Creator. It has an OFX plug-in but doesn’t work with Flame. I put the developer of 3D LC with Autodesk devs to make them work out the kinks in OFX implementation but nothing came of it unfortunately.


I would love to hear about this div/milt trick if you had time @val :pray:

I am often using the colour curves but have to ditch it or not take it as far when I get harsh fall off and ugly banding. Is this what you are talking about?


I’m curious about this too @val ! I can imagine taking curves matched in cc node, getting your icky banding and falloff from pushing it too far/ too many matches–> dividing this by the original un-colour matched plate with a linked blur applied to both (just enough to wipe out those artifacts), and then multiplying this over the original un-colour matched unblurred plate? Like we do to color match elements into a scene quick and dirty like?


Yes, like @BrittCiampa wrote.

Most likely you will have troubles when HUE vs Lum curve is used. It will produce some banding and unpleasant results. To fix it we need to separate curve operations from an image. Math is “Banded Image” divided by Original, let’s call it Grade. Then, we need to multiply the Original by the Grade (Result), banding will still exist, but don’t worry we will fix it in the next step. Apply blur to Grade and just it by looking at the Result node until all artifacts go away.

I hope screenshots will show the difference


I tried to reproduce some banding with Curves (banded image)

Divide results (grade), despite it looks like some kind of matte it is a floating point image with numbers over 1 (clipping will ruin our math). You will need to apply some amount of blur to this

Cleaned image (Result)

Closer look

Fusion tree

Hope this helps


Holy Cow. Thanks @val
I couldn’t really see the magic happening in your screen grabs but I gave it a go and the results were brilliant. Thanks. Colour curves lives on!!

Orig Blue Screen :point_up:

Colour Curves has edges :frowning_face:

After some @val voodoo :scream: