Ofx in Resolve

Am I right in thinking that resolve carries some OFXs? One of which being a gammut compressor?

Not sure if this is what you’re after but Resolve has its own FX, if you have OFX installed it will carry over to resolve and flame as well

What I’m after doing is hacking it: taking built in fx from resolve and putting into flame. Is that possible or do you need to have them installed on the same machine?

from my understanding the only tools that can be shared are OFX so removing a FX node from resolve and using it in Flame would be like asking to remove a master keyer out of flame and use it in Resolve, I don’t think it would be possible as their tools are in their walled garden, but I could be wrong.

Gamut compressor is called Gamut Mapping (also, same tools is a part of Color Space Transform effect). It is a part of Resolve FX package (it’s proprietary for Resolve and Fusion, not an openFX format). As far as I know there is no way to get this out of BMD software.

In theory, there should be possible to generate a LUT (or set of LUTs) for gamut mapping (in log-log gamma space) from Resolve, and use it in Flame.