Compare mode hotkey : Timeline vs Batch

To activate/deactivate Compare mode in batch, hotkey is “ctrl + b”

It would be so easy and helpful if the same hotkey gets applied on timeline too…


Having the timeline shortcut for “Show primary track with compare off” toggling between ‘off’ and ‘the last comparemode’ would be great. Maybe we can get enough votes for an autodesk request.

Something broke in 2022 with viewing hotkeys. That’s another subject I guess. Also, the hotkey that toggles between primary and secondary should work when you’re in reels view. Those exact keys that work in player view, they have zero function when in reels view, so there is no conflict. In reels, toggle 1,2 — that should toggle as normal.


Is this why the viewing hotkeys don’t work in Src-Seq mode anymore as well?

Maybe. Something broke recently.

Not in front of the machine at the moment but doesn’t CTRL+B in Batch toggle the split bar?

I ask because there’s also discussion here about timeline viewing hotkeys (which to me mean the Primary, Secondary, and Split mode keys on the keyboard) and I’ve recently noticed an issue with the Batch split bar.

Specifically, CTRL+B brings up the blue split bar in the viewport and it’s easy to grab the pivot point, move it around, and change the split angle. What I can’t seem to do any more is to make the bar invisible by CTRL+click right on the blue line.

I looked in the hotkey menu and there’s no function in the list so I’m wondering, have we lost the ability to hide the split bar?

Hi, You can use the hotkey F15 (smoke) to turn on split mode both in batch and the timeline. Toggle between f13 and you can switch in on and off.