Compare Modes In Src-Seq

Hi everyone.

Sorry if this is an easy answer that I’m just missing, but does anyone know if you’re still able to compare primary and secondary tracks on the record side when you’re viewing Src-Seq? We were able to on 2020 but recently updated to 2022.3.1 (on Linux) and seems as if we cannot anymore. I’m not sure if we’re just missing something obvious. Thanks in advance.


I think 2022 release was about the time they changed it around a bit. You have to right click on a track and choose “Set as Primary” or “Set as Secondary.” Then in the Viewer settings you can choose between the various compare modes. You can also assign hotkeys to each viewing mode.

Thanks for responding, I appreciate it. I’m able to get all of the compare modes to work properly as you described, but only in the 1 up player view. As soon as I switch to two up with source and record viewers, the functionality goes away and the various hotkeys assigned to the viewing modes don’t work. I’m starting to think this may be a 2022 release issue based off your response and another thread, not sure if that functionality returns in 2023.

This feature had been missing for a few versions and it it’s very frustrating they took it away.

Agreed, thanks for confirming.

I’ve actually submitted a feature request to reinstate this, as it was really useful. Please give this an upvote



Will do, thanks Owen!