Timeline Compare Modes not working?

Anyone ever seen this? I have a Primary Track, I have a Secondary Track and I can switch the viewer between them, but when I try and do any of the compare modes it just… doesn’t. Either the drop down or F15 just gives me Compare Off. Since I need to match an EDL with an offline right now this is really annoying.

Hey Carly. I haven’t seen that particularly, but I have experienced some oddities since the last install. My hotkeys to view primary, secondary and mix no longer work. I’d suggest remapping your hotkeys, which worked for me.

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I had this happen a couple times and I think there were two solutions that worked for me.

  1. create a new user, not ideal I’d try this second.
  2. I seem to remember that grabbing a reference (ctrl+g) then comparing to that worked, then I could compare to the secondary track again.
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Grabbing a Ref worked, thanks Cory!

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