Conforming Nightmares

maybe its me, but i can never seem to conform my projects with any ease…even when its a project i created on my mac at home!

The main problem i have is when it comes to reconnecting PNG graphics.
Connecting video media seems to work mostly, but the graphics get very confused regardless of the Match Criteria used. i end up with a screen full of red exclamations, or multiple yellow options or green ticks that refuse to connect…along with the error message “WARNING: linking xxxx alpha failed because media duration is too short after consolidation”.

I tried changing the Consolidate on Import to switched on, and set handles to 0 - as that was highlighted on Andy Browns logik live…this did help with a couple of video clips, but not the pngs.

Any idea what i need do to avoid this awful car crash of a relinking process?


I share your pain regarding conforming graphics on a timeline…seems like no matter what I do, alpha channels are always missing.

Hopefully someone can share the correct procedure.

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and its doing the same thing with PRORES 4444. The video is connecting up, but the alpha channel is not being found.
what a royal pain in the ask no questions!

Tip for PNGs and things with alphas, use Multichannel mode rather than separate alpha (which makes Matte Containers everywhere and generally makes life a PITA for me personally.) First go into MediaHub and on the General tab, switch to “Multi-Channel Clip”. Then load your XML/AAF and scan.

If you have lots of PNGs with similar names but end in numbers it might be seeing them as image sequences and not as unique files… need to go to the Format Options, PNG, Clip Options, and switch Sequence Detection to Frames.

Otherwise I don’t have too many problems with PNGs or Quicktimes with alphas (usually Animation codec in my case but ProRes 4444 shouldn’t be any different).

What app are you editing in (IE where are the XML/AAFs coming from?)


I second what @ManChicken recommends. Bring in PNGs as Multi-Channel and they should connect. I use that same method.

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The edits are actually from my Flame at home. I archived the project, duplicated the folders with the media then unarchived back at the office…and complete nightmare trying to get stuff to relink.
I might have been at fault as i tend to bring in files as matte containers…works fine if you don’t ever need to relink!

I’ll second the MultiChannel fix. I get a lot of png files for conform and they work great using this method.
Glad you got something useful out of the LogikLive!

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i’ve started using it and it does seem to help. Now i just need to stop using psd’s…sick of multiple clips all called Flat !

I use psd’s by the bucket full. None are called flat. This could also be a MultiChannel thing.

psds have always done it for me, regardless of the way it was brought into Flame, unless i manually bring them in one layer at a time.

I think its more to do with lazy photoshop artists not naming their layers.