Continue Folder Script

Hi hi!

Thought i would share a script I just finished up.

Creates a new reel on the Desktop using tokens.

Useful if you have a workflow where you want to have a Library on the Flame mirror what was exported to a folder on your server. Like if the file system folder just contains a bunch date & time folders.

  1. use this to create the new date/time reel
  2. copy your outgoing clips to the reel
  3. copy the reel to your flame Library that mirrors these dated exports
  4. drag the reel into MediaHub Files to export the clips inside of this dated folder

Also has a token for version that will scan the other folders and work out what the next v number would be.

Will prob add more tokens soon. Collaboration is welcome.

MASSIVE thanks to @MikeV. Ive learned SO MUCH from everything he shares.