Exporting Clips from Batch Desktop

Just wondering if someone has a way of doing the following

I want to select a Batch on the desktop, hit export and have all the clips within it export but without the whole batch tree folder structure. Kind of the way you might view a folder in the MediaHub using “Scan Subdirectories” but in reverse (like a scan subdirectories in the Batch).

Or someone might have a better solution to what I am trying to do.
I want to conform an entire timeline, create Batch Groups for each shot requiring VFX, then be able to select all the Batchgroups and export the clips within them, preferably being able to dictate the folder structure.

Any help/suggestions would be much appreciated.

The only option I can think of would be to export everything to a temp folder, with the Pattern shot name/name.
Then use the linux find & mv command to find all the subdirectories from the temp folder that have a certain string in their name and move them into the new directory.

I guess I could brush up on my python (haven’t done any python in years) and try to create a python script to do what I want…

I think I would do Source Sequence and export the plates from there …

But trying to think about your Scan Subdirectories for Batch Groups idea… maybe put all the Batch Group into a Library, close all the other Libraries temporarily, then use the Magnifying Glass at the bottom of the Media Panel. I havent tested but if a * doesnt match all, maybe just toggle the options to match all that are cached? Something that is a catch all. Should do it.

While it’s not exactly what you’re looking for, Mike V’s Create Shot script might help you out: Create Shot — Flame Python Scripts

Not sure but this sounds like a job for Open clips with shot publish workflow ?? @Josh_Laurence

Excellent suggestion. Thanks!

I just closed all other libraries and did a search where tape is not (and left it blank) and all my clips came up. Then I can highlight all and export with whatever tokens I want, in my case shot name/name. Worked a treat, just how I wanted it to.