Control + SHIFT + R - Replace media - does not work with mac

This shortcut seems not working with Flame on mac.
I usually prefer to use default shortcuts. Is it conflicting with mac hotkeys?

Working over here. 2025 on 14.5. Maybe trying opening the Hotkey Editor and see what keys it thinks you are pressing? Could it be windows instead of mac keyboard?

Are you using mac? My keyboard is windows keyboard but everything works well rather than this. My keyboard selection is abc in macos. I disabled some mac hotkeys. Ctrl+left arrow wasnt working. After disabling from the os, it started to work.

Sonoma. 14.5.

Go into Hotkey Editor, find Replace Media, try doing Ctrl + Shift + R and it will report what keys its actually registering. I suspect you will see its only registering Ctrl + R or something like that.

Then its up to you, reassign it to whats its registering, or get a mac keyboard.

ADDL THOUGHT - you know… it miiight reveal that its processing Ctrl as Command instead. There is the keyboard toggle in the Hotkey editor. Maybe that would have an affect?

There is no Replace Media in the hot key editor.
Is it working with yours?

The Keyboard Shortcut editor in Flame is context sensitive. If you are in Batch, you will see all of the Batch keyboard shortcuts. Make sure you are in the timeline and then enter the Keyboard Shortcut editor. Then you should see Replace Media.

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Jeff beat me to it.

Ya Ctrl + Shift + R works for me. Both on the macbook pro keyboard AND using an external mac layout logitech keyboard.


I find out why the shortcut is not working.
I have a record clip with a name “edit”.
I have 2 source clips. Their names are a001 and a002.
The point is I created a002 duplicating and renaming a001 and applied a timeline fx color correction.
When I try to Ctrl+Shift+R replace a001 with a002 in the edit nothing happens.
Shortcut is working with different clips :sweat_smile: or if I commit the timeline fx it works.
Anyway thanks again for the answers.
It was just testing shortcuts.

I was about to buy a Mac keyboard. :laughing: