Mac Keyboard layout - Command not control

Looking at the keyboard shortcuts in 2025. when you select Mac keyboard all the keystrokes should change from ctrl to command really. on a Mac keyboard command is whats thought of as the main modifier.

I use Karabiner for this, whenever Flame is the foremost application it swaps those keys. Sure would be nice if Flame had that built in

This is not new to 2025. We have always prioritized consistency across OS for the keyboard shortcuts.

But the consistency is wrong. Apple uses command not ctrl. I always have to change everything to command. For example
Select All is CTRL A I the setup - but should be Command A

The priority is on consistency across Linux and macOS.

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I haven’t used personalized shortcuts for many years, but you may get some traction with the following strategy:

Start by backing up the default files to your desktop.

tar -czvf ~/Desktop/$(date +%F)-default_shortcuts.tgz /opt/Autodesk/presets/2025/shortcuts

Then replace ‘KEY_CTL’ with ‘KEY_CMD’ (or whatever the macOS command key is called.

Here is a bash one-liner that you can modify:

find /opt/Autodesk/presets/2025/shortcuts -type f -name '*.json' -exec sed -i 's/KEY_CTL/KEY_CMD/g' {} +
  • DISCLAIMER - I have no idea if this will work because I don’t know what the key description is for the mac command key, and I don’t have a mac to test it on.

I strongly advise you NOT to mess up with any files in /opt/Autodesk/presets.

These are the factory presets used for all users and will only work for the workstation you are working on. If you mess up something, you may prevent all shortcuts to stop working. You should really remap them from the shortcut editor and associate the changes to your user profile.

A useful function would be a button to save all default shortcuts as user shortcuts.
Then a simple find/replace could work in a fraction of a second.
Then the user shortcuts would be loaded at startup alongside the defaults, and a user could exploit the ‘conflict’ function in the shortcut editor.
It might take a little less time than modifying shortcuts one at a time.
But I have no horse in this race - i don’t modify hotkeys.

That means you would « lock » all the shortcuts for all the future versions and that you would then need an option to only copy the new ones. That is not viable.

What I meant was super simple. You have the options - Flame, smoke etc etc. just have Flame on a Mac.


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