Converting burn-in TC - is it possible?

I’m working on the set a lot these days, editing the shots on the fly. The original idea was to make a rough cut for the director and then re-edit and grade the movie in my studio. But I found my rough cuts pretty good, needing only a little finessing.

The problem is that I receive the camera image via a wireless transmitter, and no timecode is presented in the feed. However, my on-set recordings have the burn-in TC from the RED. Thus, it’s easy to manually ‘conform’ the rough cut with the raw media - but who wants to work twice?

So I’m wondering if anyone happened to use or heard of any solution that can recognize the burnt-in numbers and convert it to timecode as an audio file or TC track for the ProRes files?

This is not a solution, but it reminded me of the days when we piped the timecode signal to the audio channel for the musicians.

I think you’re going to have a much better time if you attack this from the camera instead of your laptop.

$5 says @marcwellington knows a way to transmit video and time code wirelessly.

Yes, that’s exactly what I’ll do in the future: I send TC from a Tentacle to an audio channel of the camera. But it would be nice if most transmitters could transmit timecode and record triggers as well.