Copying Time Code to a Google Spreadsheet

Hi All,
Does anyone know if there is a way to copy the timecode value in flame to a spread sheet. I’m filling in a google doc from inserting timecode on the doc from points on a timeline and would so love to be able to select the TC right click and copy the value to a spreadsheet without having to type it in each time. Am i to manually type each time or is there a trick to this that you all know?

I’ve created an edl in cmx3600 format and then reformatted it for a spread sheet. It’s not straight forward, and there are many pitfalls. Converting to an edl, however, at the very least allows you to cut and paste, rather than type it in manually. That said, I have not done it in a few years (I used to do it to convert edls from 24 to 23.976 when the dailies were created with the wrong code) so there may be some tools that make this easier now.

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EDL → ChatGPT → Spreadsheet

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Slapped together a quick snake for copying the timecode of the positioner on the selected timelines. So if you don’t mind moving it around and copying 1 by 1, could do. Bonus if you assign this thing to a hotkey.

Github Repo

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I’m so going to check this out tomorrow morning. Thank you very much.

Oh boy this is brilliant. Thaaaaank you. I advise everyone have this little handy tool in there box.