Corrupted Workspace

Dearest Hive,

One our artists has been getting a very strange error recently.
I love that Flame is giving this particular millenial some postive reinforcement and letting him know that it’s not his fault and there’s nothing he could have done to prevent this…LOL.
Have you guys seen this one? Any thoughts on the cause? I haven’t logged this with ADSK yet but I thought I’d check with y’all first.

Many thanks & cookies,

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This message deserves to be framed.

It seems that exiting flame and restarting is your best bet. Thankfully it looks like their workspace was saved 11 minutes prior.

Everyone: “Please dont crash.”
Flame: “It’s not you, it’s me.”

@naveen Let us know how this worked out for you! Did you lose everything?

Side note: Does anyone know if Flame does that thing still where you get 4 project autosave backups so if you restart flame app and open your project that you only have the last 4 autosaves of that workspace?..Did i word that correctly?

Yeah I had heard that. Don’t do the restart to fix trick too many times. You could loose everything.

DON’T PANIC :scream: contact @Jack !

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Ok number one rule if you get that or something fucked in your project. KILL flame and dont open that project again. To keep working while waiting for support from someone start a new project and wire over what you need. You have 4 autosaves and sometimes we need the last one.

Above all don’t panic and reachout to someone with a clue don’t try to fix it yourself if your not confident. An hour of someones time is cheaper than redoing 2 weeks of work.



Great advice @Jack !

Are the 4 autosaves for all projects on the system or each project?

Its 4 per project


yay! ok so it is 4 per project, good to know that still exists! Thanks @Jack !

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Some fixes from ADSK to help prevent that should be coming down the line pretty soon.