"Could not remove temporary library ".... error message

With 2023.2 , since some time ago, messages like this one started appearing in the terminal:

'Could not remove temporary library ‘_Export_221201_113142’ associated to job ‘Export - < name of my exported clips> (11.31.42)’: Could not find library ‘_Export_221201_113142’…

… referring to my exports in background. Every time I exported, one more message was added. The terminal window ended up spammed with dozens of messages like this for all projects.

Recently, I decided to upgrade to 2023.3, and also reinstalled the OS (Rocky linux 8.5) without doing anything special in the configuration. With a fresh OS, I thought all this would go away. Surprisingly, after my first export, I got the first warning message again.

I remember the old temporary export library created in the old versions of flame. Now I have no idea how to access it, how I can delete it, or how I can prevent this from happening every time I export.

How could fix it?