"Could not remove temporary library ".... error message

With 2023.2 , since some time ago, messages like this one started appearing in the terminal:

'Could not remove temporary library ‘_Export_221201_113142’ associated to job ‘Export - < name of my exported clips> (11.31.42)’: Could not find library ‘_Export_221201_113142’…

… referring to my exports in background. Every time I exported, one more message was added. The terminal window ended up spammed with dozens of messages like this for all projects.

Recently, I decided to upgrade to 2023.3, and also reinstalled the OS (Rocky linux 8.5) without doing anything special in the configuration. With a fresh OS, I thought all this would go away. Surprisingly, after my first export, I got the first warning message again.

I remember the old temporary export library created in the old versions of flame. Now I have no idea how to access it, how I can delete it, or how I can prevent this from happening every time I export.

How could fix it?

In the bugs fixed in Flame 2024.1, there was one where the application was trying to delete the hidden library twice in some cases, triggering this message. The delete is succesfull the first time, hence the message that it cannot find it to delete it when it tries to delete it the second time.