Crash when using Edit Output?

Anyone else seeing this…

I have a simple BFX with an action fed with a diffuse texture, being mapped on to two planes at right angles to each other (floor and back wall). Camera FX Depth of Field has been applied, and i have a static figure in the foreground.

When i try to deselect one of the textured planes using Edit Output - immediate crash.

Neve had a crash before when using the Edit Outputs…might this be something to do with the DoF applied to the camera?

I’m on Flame 2024.1 on Mac 13.5

edit - pretty sure it is related to that DoF node. As soon as i removed it from the camera, no more crashes when deselecting with Edit Output.


Is the CameraFX the Stingray one included with Flame ?

Can you also let me know if your BFX has a Substance texture somewhere ?


Hi Sam…yes the Stingray dof, no textures other than a diffuse map.