Crashes that automatically reboot the computer


I’m getting these pretty frequent crashes that will freeze the system and a few moments later completely reboot the flame.

It happens when i’m in the MediaHub Tab, if an assisant whos using the mac finder either renames or moves a folder or file and I access that folder or the subfolder where it cantains the name change or move the flame will freeze and crash.

This has been very frustrating since I loose a lot of work in rare cases leading to file corruption and loss of frames. I believe it started happening with the release of the improved Delete button where we can now delete folders which contain files inside of them. Whast amazing is the complete freeze and reboot. How could a software cause it self to reboot the computer?

We’ve sent logs to Autodesk but they haven’t gotten back to us with anything and even recently asked if we would like to close the case.


Hey Tyler,
I haven’t come across this at all but as a best practice it’s always good to cache on import from my experience.
Are you doing super complex bfxs ? Is it mostly editorial. Is the crashing repeatable? Can u record and send to support as well cause that can help alot

That sounds hardware related right?

Also as an FYI i’m on a linux. It’s mostly editorial. I can repeat the crash sometimes.

A lot of the material I work on are huge files that i’ll typically import and consolidate/cache when in the timeline. But either way it’s just accessing the files through the media hub when transfered or renamed onto our private network that will cause the crash. We tried disabling finder on all of the macs thinking that could be the issue with no luck.

Crashes happened on the old Z820s as well as the new Z8s

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