Creating batch group

I’m using connected conform and have renamed shots in my shots sequence to create batch groups with. I remember previously I used to create batch groups and it would create another version layer in my timeline where the render would populate but now it’s not doing that. Is this a setting that I screwed up or is it gone as an option?

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Hey Dino,

That’s somewhere in preferences now. I think the first time you create batch groups a prompt comes up asking what your preferred behavior is.



Hey Andy!

That was it, it’s in Preferences > Batch/BFX > Add Destination Segment.


Woo-hoo! Hope all’s well, my friend!

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Thanks bud! You too!

Thanks for asking this @dinotsaousis and thanks for answering @andymilkis i literally just did this and have been avoiding trying to fix it.

I’m curious though, what’s the case for having the option of no destination segment? Is there another way to perform auto replaces of batch renders that I should know about? Or is it simply an option to replace your segments manually?

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@kirk as far as I can tell the only way to have the batch renders auto replace is with the destination segment. Otherwise it has to be replaced manually.

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So weird. So why the option? And why display it so prominently? Not a lot of things in flame are advertised that boldly.

“You know that thing you’re trying to do? There’s a way for it to NOT work, would you like that to happen forever now?”

Anyway. I’m glad you sorted it out for all of us. Maybe we’ll get to the bottom of this mystery someday.

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Ha! I think I’m the guilty one here, @kirk. When they first introduced “Create Batch Groups” Flame would automatically create all of those destination segments. But when working on jobs where we would send batches to other artists / vendors, those destination segments became a bit of a hurdle since they were linked to batches that would never be populated automatically. That, combined with my personal preference to manage which shots go where (in the case of some shots needing to be forked) led me to create a feature request to give us the option to choose whether we wanted them or not.

The ability to create a batch group with the click of the button that already has the render node, the “t-click” in place, and the batch duration is too good to pass up, but I found myself having to “fix” all of the sequences I had in play removing all of the destination segments it created as a result.

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@Jeff i accept your apology! (Did you apologize? It doesn’t look like you did. Probably an oversight. I accept it anyway)

In all seriousness, that does make sense, and I appreciate you explaining the logic.

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The option is there because some users do not like having the destination segment on a separate Versions in the Timeline. They were systematically moving the segments down to a track above the original segment and deleting the new Versions that was created.

Another benefit of working that way is that you can create Batch Groups for items that are outside a Reel Group (a Library for example).

That being said, it is true that by using this workflow you are losing the “Smart Replace” functionality. Having “Add Destination Segment” disabled really means that you will manually take care of everything once a shot is rendered.


Hi Fred! Normally a thing like this would put me through a weeks or months-long cycle of “well I guess I’m just doing it wrong” so I’m glad we got to cut that short.

That said, something in the notification box that mentions WHERE in preferences the behavior can be reversed might not be a bad idea. Have you seen the preferences pane lately? It’s WILD in there.

And I know, I know, get on the beta. I’m trying, Fred.

Thanks everyone. Sorry to jack your thread @dinotsaousis