Creating camera graphical interface question

been ages since I done something like this , have to create audio meter and a histogram like in a camera viewfinder and looking for a fast and simple solution since I have a ton of shots to do it on, is their a matchbox or OFX that will do something like this for audio and a graphical histo?

found the histo matchbox now just need an audio meter solution.

Actually figured that one out too, but for anyone curious here is how I did it, just surprised their isnt a sapphire or ofx that will read audio yet. In animation click the audio tab on the right then I setup a gmask a click link to channel in the scale of the gmask axis and viola you have audio meters


Boris’ Continuum: Particle Illusion has HUD emitters.
Although Flame isn’t on the supported hosts list, the OFX works for me so far on Mac:

I was under the impression that audio wasn’t apart of the Sparks api or available within Openfx.

That’s kind of a shame think I will add it to the list of improvements, seems like syncing audio to effects should be easier than it is

Just checking, are you saying that Particle illusion works as an OFX plug-in within Flame on a Mac?

Yes, it seems to work fine for me so far. Have used it on many jobs.

On Intel Imac + M1 Studio Ultra

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Thanks Peter