Creating EXR files from bracketed JPEG on Mac?

Hey Folks,
Does anybody have a preferred method of creating EXR files from JPEG images shot 2 stops apart?

If you need to stitch an HDRI, I use PTGui. If it’s just a flat HDR image you want, I use the Merge To HDR tool in Photoshop. (if you’re going to buy PTGui for this purpose, make sure you get the Pro version for the HDR support)


I put it back together. No stitching because I used the Theta V. Photomatix Pro seems to make a better EXR.

Seconding PTGui Pro. Photoshop can also do it.

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This is oooooo so close. But sadly doesn’t work in Flame. Anybody wanna message the developer and see if he can make it work for Flame?