Crop borders of frames

Hello Forum

Made a clip with a sequence of still images. Now it turns out that some(not all) pictures/shots
need to be cropped (each of them individually) because of black borders (diapositive scanning).

I don’t think that the “Crop Edges” in Effects is the solution…
nor this one:
crop frame - Autodesk Community ?

How can that be done in Flame?

Thanks a lot!

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Hi Joe,

2 ways.

  1. Front source. Add a front source to an image in Action and slightly scale up or down the Front Source’s Axis to make or erase borders.

  2. Diffuse map. Add a diffuse map beneath your image in Action and scale the Axis attached to the Diffuse map.

And, if you need a little real time guidance, I’m available now and in the Discord if you want to share your screen.

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Thanks a lot for the offer. Does that mean I have to jump right now into the node based compositing or can i just use the existing Timeline-setup (see below), if the final “goal” is:

  • crop boards of frames

  • add animated 2d text

  • render (to my understanding, the Render Node would be the best option for rendering)

  • import a 3D rig (only required in the future version 2 of this clip)

  • changing background of 3D composit

  • setting lights

Thanks in advance for your help :slight_smile:


Well, it depends.

Can you briefly explain the project you are working on?

Ok, I would like to add a 3D Book Rig at the end of the still image sequence.

Something like that: