Black bars are added on top and button to each of the frames

Hello forum.

Selected a sequence of single shots (TIFFs) in MediaHub, defined the “Still Duration”,
imported them to the “Default Library” and dropped them to a “Reel” (in Timeline).

Then selected all frames/shots residing in Reel 1, right-clicked and pressed “Slice Selected”).
Then clicked on an other Reel :slight_smile:

Once imported into Reel 2 (Timeline):

  • black bars are added on top and buttom to each of the landscape oriented pictures/frames. Portait
    frames/pictures are shown correctly.
    Important: this phenomena does NOT happen if only landcape frames are used.

  • the left and the right side of the landscape frames are cropped/removed

What I am doing wrong?



on the frames in the timeline, check the Resize options…under Resizing go through the four options to see which one better fits your inage to the frame…probably crop edges is the one to use (i would guess its selected Letterbox). Once set for one frame, you can copy the button and paste it onto the other frames that need it.

Thank you for your feedback! “selected Letterbox” does work :slight_smile:

->Once set for one frame, you can copy the button and paste it onto other frames that need it.
Not sure what button do you mean, but is it like shown in the tutorial Grading & VFX with the Explorer - Part 1 - Flame 2021 ( Grading & VFX with the Explorer - Part 1 - Flame 2021.1 - YouTube ) at 6:58 ?

There are two buttons(in Effects) called Load and Save. According to the Save File window, pressing
“Save” seems to add additional folders(resize and Flame) to the project folders…

Is this the recommended approach to save the letterboxed frames? Would it not just be ok to “Save Desktop” to the Default Library?


yes - at 6.58 the Image button is highlighted. If should have one called Resize on yours. Click it to highlight it, then you can copy this (ctrl C) on a mac, select the other clips on the timeline and then hit ctrl v topaste them, or you could use the dropdown contextual menu and select the option to paste fx.

Not sure about those load and save options…never used them!

Hadn’t realised that…tend to use the contextual method every time!

Checking in on you @joe99 …have you achieved what you were hoping to? How can we help?


Yes it works great! Was even able to save it as re-usable setting and to apply it afterwards to other shots:)

Thanks a lot for the help!