Cut node links confirm?

Is there a preference option somewhere to get a warning/confirm option when you cut links in batch? I’ve spent ages trying to figure out what’s happened to my setup only to find a bunch of orphan inputs that I’ve chopped without realising. Grrrr idiot !

Hi Richard,

There isn’t any warning that you’ve disconnected nodes and I think it would be annoying each time someone is working to get these messages.

However, if you look at your node in the Batch Schematic, you may see that some nodes are erroring out with a triangle/error symbol on the node. Usually this error will tell you what the node is expecting and you can trace it from there.

Hope this helps!


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Another workaround would be to render the Batch tree. An error message showing you which node is missing and input will be displayed at the bottom left of the screen.

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Hey Fred. Speaking of, can those tiny error messages please last longer? The type is very small and it disappears very quickly. It’s hard to troubleshoot things like this.

You can click on the double-arrows icons at the bottom left to access the Message Console. All the messages are available in there.

Right. Thanks.

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Control Alt F7 is the messages window.

Is this something i can flag with a python hook? Might be time to give it a go :slight_smile:

I am not 100% sure but you could probably make a custom action that looks at all nodes in a Batch, check if they have any connections and select the ones that do not.

I just checked and it would be way too complicated to get the result you are looking for using the .sockets

My suggestion would be to submit an inprovement request at to have a property that returns the error of a node on the object.

For me the biggest issue is the fact that I’m usually navigating around a large batch when this happens, and often don’t pick up the error until later. I think simply making the warning message more prominent as @GPM says might be the only fix needed.
Maybe there can be a preference for a bolder/bigger or colour flagged warning on the message console?

I’m not sure I understand your point. In that case, you hit the Render button and it doesn’t render. In that situation the first reflex should be to go see the messages in the console to see if the software reported any issue, isn’t it?