Shaders in Machbox tab are replaced with MatchboxShaderCollection

I installed Logk matchbook shader collection and the Shaders in the Machbox tab has been replaced by MatchboxShaderCollection. (2023.3.1 and 2024.1.1)

I have checked the shader path preferences and they have not been changed.

Any tips or advice to solve this problem and safely install the LOGIK matchbook shader collection?

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It didn’t replace them, but they’re all merged (you’ll notice the Autodesk-supplied ones are still there, like A2 Beauty, etc)

Logik Matchbook installs inside a directory in the shaders path and Flame walks through the whole thing and finds all the shaders. The only way to get the Logik shaders out is to move them somewhere else, outside of the root shader path, which then means you’ll need to navigate to that path manually when you want to use one (you could make a global bookmark in the Mediahub to make it easier I guess)

Also note if you move them, they won’t pull up if you use the Flame Search (space-tab) tool to add nodes to your schematics directly, which is something I personally find invaluable.

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The Matchbox tab was merged in Flame 2014, but my 2013.3 has been replaced.
I will reinstall the Flame system and try to put the Logik shader collection folder somewhere else from the default shader path.

I begin to think I should move ahead to 2014 environment though…

Thanks again!