Delay between main screen and broadcast screen

I know there has always been a 2 or three frame delay between the picture on the computer monitor and the broadcast monitor, whether I was on my linux machine or the Mac. But what I don’t get is that on the same Mac - using the same blackmagic graphics card Resolve is rock solid locked between the two and flame is still out. Why is that?

What a very interesting post, Jonhollis!

Flame allows audio sync to be either locked to the hires monitor or the “broadcast” monitor. Over many years I’ve found that professional monitors like a big Panasonic plasma or a desktop Sony OLED have a delay of about 1.5 frames as compared to Flame’s primary UI monitor and I’ve always adjusted audio sync appropriately if clients were in the bay.

Over the past few years, consumer LG OLED displays became popular as client monitors and I’ve found that they need an audio sync offset of 2.5 frames.

Jonhollis, do you think that Resolve is automatically compensating for delay between your hires and broadcast displays?

This isn’t to do with audio. Just syncing computer monitor video with broadcast video. Anyhow that audio delay is set to zero. I’m using the apple xdr display and the Sony BVm hx 310. So it’s the best it can be. If I use the black magic ultra studio 4k mini the display on it tells you what’s going on. With flame going through it it says buffer 0 frames. When resolve is going into it it says 5 frame buffer. So maybe there is something in that.

This kills me when I’m editing. The delay between the two monitors. I physically cover my eyes with my hand. It would be great to have the same timing on the video on both UI and video monitors.


Kills me too. I too cover my eyes or turn the broadcast off. Resolve is rock solid.

Sinan and Jon –

Just adding on – I do the same eye-covering maneuver when sync is critical!

Flame’s approach for Broadcast / Hires sync was acceptable years back, but with the throughput available now, shouldn’t it be possible to live-sync both the broadcast and hires streams?


A good question for our ADSK friends. @fredwarren @FriendsFromAutodesk

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This should be logged as an improvement request on Flame Feedback.

Surely as a bug no?

I would have said to report it as a bug to the support team if it was the case.

Was thinking about this a bit further today and the limiting factor is the hardware processing delay of whatever broadcast display you have.

Let’s say the monitor you have on hand has a processing delay of three frames… well there’s no way to make that monitor process any faster, so the only viable solution is to DELAY THE HIRES OUTPUT to sync it to your broadcast monitor.

Using Flame with a UI monitor delay of three frames would be awful. Unacceptable, really.

The way to go might be to have a hires monitor picture delay that only works when in the Fullscreen player.

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I disagree. If the delay in the gui we’re only on play the result would be totally acceptable, especially given that often I find Flame has mysterious delays in between me hitting play and playback actually starting.

I care little to nothing about the offset in timing when frame advancing here or there… or shuttling for that matter. They can have their three frame delay then. But when I hit play it would be amazing to have sync.

My two cents. We could even ask for it to be a preference… broadcast delay/gui delay.

Edit: @chris I misread what you said about the fullscreen player. I would expand that idea with what I wrote above.

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Also. davinci resolve works fine. Absolutely locked.

I think we’re in agreement cnollert!

When in a fullscreen player, moving frame-by-frame or pressing play and waiting three frames for playback to start isn’t a terrible penalty to pay for synced playback.

What’s not acceptable, though, is to be working creatively with a stylus (think Paint!) with a three-frame delay.

That’d have me gnawing at my digits.

It is interesting how mere mortals do not ever realize a 3-5 second off-sync and we go ape-shit crazy trying to work. Like the good old days of 4:3 content expanded to 16:9. Professional deformation…

Visual effects aside, when I’m just editing on the timeline the delay drives me crazy especially when trying to cut to a beat and there are fast cuts.


Hey all,

This drives me crazy as well, so I went ahead and created a Flame Feedback request…please vote!
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