Desktop Reels have an unwanted display transform

Hi, I while back I worked on some shots in ACES, but mostly the project is standard post grading retouches.
Some modules like the Stabilizer for example always showed me the wrong display transform until I changed them in the view settings.
Since them somehow the Desktop Reels still show me a wrong display transform and I am not able to find the place to set the transform back to Video.
Creating a new user did not help.

Can someone give me a hint where to set the view transform for the Desktop Reels? It is just annoying, as soon as I enter the player, the sequence looks fine.

I realised that the thumbnails in the MediaHub show the same wrong Viewing Transform.



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I think I found it now by myself.

I crested a Viewing Rule for the ACES comps and this was still checked. By unchecking it the wrong display transform is gone.

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Thanks for following up!

Woe… hold your horses! I’m currently experiencing this on a new project. Not in ACES. Project is set to legacy. Tagged all my mxf files from rules and they came in with expected slog3. I forced a tag to slog3 from the b camera (a7s) to slog 3 as they were mp4 files. (should the mp4 file carry CS info??)

I’m seeing the same problem as @toodee and that the player displays the image correctly (log looking but the reels/freeform proxy are showing a rec709 view transform on them…

wait… light bulb moment…Just checked User prefs and there’s a checkbox for desktop colour management. - Apply Colour Management

I’ll leave this post in case someone else has the issue. And to all of you that knew the answer sorry for the waste of bandwidth.

Hi @johnag,

thanks for the info. I forgot to mention that I got the problem on an older flame machine still running 2020. I don’t think this preferences existed then?



I think you are correct. It must have snuck in at around 2021 ?? @fredwarren ??

Where are these user prefs?

I see them in the 2023 beta under prefs/User Interface ‘middle left down on the page’.

Ah, sounds like a new feature for 2023, I’m still on 2022.

This preference has been there (in Preferences > User Interface tab > Thumbnails section) since we introduced the new Colour Management system in Flame 2017 Extension 1.

Interestingly @toodee the hierarchy you have in the viewing rules is how your thumbnails will be displayed on your desktop.

If you have multiple log-c LUTs, the top one is the one that the thumbnails will use for log-c clips.