Difference Matte Timeline


Anyone know if there’s a way to change the preset in timeline difference compare mode to be on zero tolerance?

I can’t speak to the exact version that this started to be the case, but I’m pretty sure that the Timeline Difference compare mode does exactly what you’re asking in the latest versions. I see it working like this on 2021.2.1 and 2022. I think it’s worked like this ever since they revamped the compare modes and added Grabbed References.

Which version are you using John?


Just looked at the 2021 release notes and it looks like for 2021 and beyond the default value for Difference is set to 0. I think that’s what I must be thinking of!


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Amazing. Thanks!!!

I’m on 2022. The compare>difference doesn’t work like a difference matte, although it’s better than the previous one. The closest control it has to the difference matte node is gain, which can be cranked up to 100, but it’s not the same as tolerance=0. It’s always been a bone of contention for me as well.