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Using the Image node on the timeline to set looks in live sessions, create references, etc etc… Don’t judge :slight_smile:

Something I’ve come across has got me stumped. Since Image is a crippled Action in respects, I can’t find a “matte off” option like one would have in Action. This is annoying mostly when receiving an EXR render that has an embedded matte that’s being unused.

Image sees that matte and punches the image out over black. Can’t find any options to turn it off. Is there a MX hack that will force white thru the matte channel? This may be feature request territory…

Thanks all!

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If you add a MX-Matte Viewer matchbox and reorder so, it’s before the Image node, the matte channel gets overridden as white and you can grade to your heart’s content. Keep in mind, you can only use this workflow with the blue Image node and not with the green one, as matchboxes are added after those…

I don’t have a good test case at hand, but I would see if that takes care of it:

  1. When you click on the selective in Image, then under controls you have access to the Matte input. In batch you can actually receive multiple input mattes that way. In the timeline you are hardwired to a single one (Media 0). By default it’s actually ‘off’ but you change it.

  1. In the Shader tab of Mastergrade, there a ‘Selective’ dropdown, which defaults to Matte, but can be changed to White and Black. That might also be a route to disable the matte.

Screenshot 2024-05-16 at 7.34.11 AM

Click on the proxy next to Image. Switch to No Matte


Does anyone else fat that really annoying bug with image node where if you press F4 twice the view inside image node gets locked to matte view?

Yes @johnt! Usually it’ll be within a batch, and I’ll hit Space + 4 as a workaround… I think there was another thing I would use to work around that bug…

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Amazing! This is by far the most elegant solution, & I had never known that clicking the proxy would give you that option.

Learning new things every day… Thanks @ytf !

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Yeah, I’ve never used it with image, but I use it a lot with multichannel psd’s.

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