Directional blur along curves

Does anyone know of an equivalent for this? I want to blur along a curved line. From a to b.

It seems like this will do what you want

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As far as I recall, does this go perpendicular to the spline?

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Never use it, just know it exists

Nah, it blurs parallel to the curve you make. It’s very good.

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Out of interest, what is the use case for this?

I’m always intrigued when someone asks for something I’ve never thought of and it makes me think that maybe I need to expand my knowledge.

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To soft an area with directional blur, but when only works in one specifical direction (and the ideal direction varies along a shape) . Beauty hair is a good example. Yo can watch demo video of Ls_Spineblur

Hi @AdamArcher
Here’s the reason - I’m painting up a frame and just want something to smooth out the tricky paint bits


Using this to help but it does still seem to blur perpendicular to the spline - or rather only on the edge of the spline @andy_dill .
Compare the spline blur to dir blur. It would be great if we could to a dir blur starting at vertex 1 and then follow the path to the last vertex. I played about with the motion vectors node and some colours for about 5 minutes. It seems possible but I’ve got no idea how to program the colours to correspond to a direction drawn with a spline. Any ideas @lewis ? I imagine if Matchbox was used then it would have to understand which is the beginning of a line and be able to calculate the curves based on vertices? Until then I suppose I will stick to paintbox.

I made it work using paint ninja skills

Could you create an element that constantly moves along your spine, but in the opposite direction to what you want to blur, put the element on a neutral colour that won’t change, feed that element into a motion analysis then pipe that into a motion blur which you’d feed your paint job into and use as a pseudo spline blur?

Not amazing but would that work as a hack?

Possibly. I just used paint instead though.

I’ve heard it’s useful for hair beauty work.

Isn’t there a switch for parallel vs perpendicular?

I usually end up doing two outputs from my gmask, one to drive direction and another for the holdout, but using the same tracking.

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