Spline blur?

I’m having a brain meltdown…what’s your favorite way to spline blur?

LS_Splineblur or, if you’re trying to remove something, LS_Wireless


I know this thread is from a while back but, every now and then I find myself in the need for Splineblur and it’s not there. Shouldn’t this be part of the official Matchboxes already?
Ivar wrote many matchboxes but, of all of them, this is the one I come back to because nothing else will do, maybe this comment should go in the “things flame should have”. I’ll do that.

You talking LS_splineblur? That’s Lewis Saunders’ matchbox. I can’t say I’ve ever really used it before, what kind of stuff do you like using it on?

Yes, LS_splineblur, good to know the author but, of course, I found it in Ivar Beer’s repository of matchboxes.
It’s a life saver when having to clean dusty edges of rounded products for example


It’s brilliant for hair work. Can animate a mask to follow the swishy contours of the hair, so the hair is blurred lengthways. Then difference matte that with the source, then shrink a little to remove the noise, expand a little to cover all the cross hairs, and boom perfect hair, no cross hairs.


Brilliant Rufus, I haven’t had to do hair for a long time but it’s a good one!

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zorrofx –

Ls_Splineblur has (thankfully!) been part of the https://logik-matchbook.org set of tools for many years. I think I first started using it back in 2014.

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