Do I need to install CUDA drivers separately?

I installed Frame on Linux (Rocky8.5/Flame2023.3) and it works fine.
The GPU driver has been installed to the latest version and is working normally, but GPU acceleration seems to be slow.
Do I need to install the CUDA driver separately?

More details please. What is your hardware configuration? And define ‘slow?’

I don’t believe Flame uses CUDA at all (maybe MV or the ML matchboxes do). So I would rule that out… Are you using some other software on this box alongside Flame that does?

This sounds very un-Flame like. I would suggest letting DKU 17.3.0 handle the GPU driver rather than updating to the latest available/retail.

I would also suggest a dlConfigCheck as well to get started.

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all this because “feels slow”. If the drivers weren’t installed correctly, Flame wouldn’t work at all.