Successfully Installed Rocky Linux 8.5 - Still Can't Install DKU or Flame

As you can see in the pics, I have successfully installed Rocky Linux 8.5 on a clean SSD, and yet both Flame installer and DKU installer both say I don’t have a recent enough operating system. What gives? I downloaded the Linux ISO, DKU files, and obviously Flame installer straight from Autodesk’s slow ass website, so I know they are the correct file versions.

Somewhat off topic: Interestingly, you have a RX 5700 xt as your GPU-- I thought Autodesk forces you to use an nvidia GPU under linux?

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Yeah you’re gonna need Nvidia.

They do? Eek.

That’s the issue? This is why they won’t let me install it?

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Yes. Or, tiny chance that you are installing an older version of flame that doesn’t support Rocky? What version of flame are you trying to install?

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The latest one, 2023.

Why am I having such a hard time finding help with this? I can’t find anyone having the same issue on older forums–this one or the Autodesk forum. I also can’t seem to install the DKU files either. When I drag the install file on the terminal, I get the same error.

Maybe I should try CentOS?

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Visit Flame System Requirements for information about supported Graphic Cards. As stated above, Flame family products on CentOS/Rocky Linux only support NVIDIA cards.

You’re having a difficult time finding help with this is because you aren’t reading what 2 people above us have stated is an issue…AMD graphics cards and Linux Flame are incompatiible.

And dude. Be nice. I don’t want to have to ban you again. I’m losing count. Twice on Facebook, twice on these forums? I can’t remember.