Does convert to local path not work over Wire?

Ventura, 2023.3.1.

Back in the office. We use Dropbox as a central network server, and everyone has a local cache (so a cache of the dropbox tree, we don’t cache into Flame as it would be redundant) of the job tree. We pass archives around no problem with “convert to local path.” But wiring from box to box it’s all checkerboards.

The paths are there in alt+click. I have all the right translations in Storage.

I don’t have the answer, but one possible solution is to create an Alias in Finder or a Symlink in Terminal.


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I did find an Autodesk article about Symlink’ing, thanks.

Hey there,
I 'd try simply unlinking the checkerboarded clips and then relinking them from their new location.

Good luck!


Exchanging media between workstations on the same workgroup requires the same mountpoints. using symlink as the article states also works.

You could also use Path Translation (Preferences / Storage) if symlink is not something for you.

The Convert to local path option is only for archive.

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Make sure that the files and folders being accessed from within the Dropbox heiarchy have been presynced as well. Have been on a few Flame Dropbox cases as of late and this is a recurring theme. Symlinks will be your friend as mentioned above.

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I’ll try symlink when we slow down. Def something to solve in near future. Archives working well, especially with half the team in NYC.

Wouldn’t be a bad idea to archive somewhere locally and then cp/mv them to the dropbox.