Does Wacom Intuos (not Pro) work?

Hi Everybody
Need some hardware advice for Flame on Mac.
Although it is officially unsupported but does the
Wacom Intuos (not Pro) model work successfully with Flame ?

Wacom CTL 6100WL/K0-CX

if it works on a mac then it will work with flame.


Can’t say whether that model will work but it’s definitely worth it to pay for the Pro model if you can swing it. They last way longer than any other computer equipment and the size difference really does matter. Buy one refurb or even on eBay - I don’t think I’ve ever heard of a Wacom stop working.

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for anyone who hates spending money, you can still use a Wacom 2 on Mojave , and a Wacom 3 on Catalina.

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