Supplemental IMF Package for Netflix out of Flame

Can Flame export “Supplemental IMF Package” required by Netflix?


Yes! 2k or 4k options included. (Flame 2021.1…this may be new to 2021 or 2021.1, but I cannot recall).

Flame can export a Complete IMF Package, I am asking about Supplemental IMF Packages.

From Netflix:

Supplemental IMF Package

An IMF Package (IMP) that depends on additional picture and/or sound assets to assemble the entire timeline. In technical terms, the CPL(s) of such IMF Package reference assets that are not included in the same IMF Package (i.e. not listed in the PKL). Supplemental IMF Packages are commonly used to deliver CPLs with fixes (e.g. picture inserts or new sound tracks) or localized picture/textless versions/non-branded versions of a title. Such CPLs reference previously delivered assets that are not contained in the Supplemental IMF Packages.

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Oh. Whoops. Sorry.

No worries, just trying to figure out if I need to make Supplemental IMFs out of Cortex or not. If everything goes right, I shouldn’t need to make them, but nothing ever goes right.

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Ha! Totally. I had a quick search of Flame Feedback and the only post that was returned with IMF in the title was the original feature, not the Supplemental the you were seeking.

You should def start a Flame Feedback Request.

Checked with Autodesk. “IMF Supplemental packages for Netflix, I know that this is currently on the radar but not resolved yet.”

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Nice. Thanks for looking into this.

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