Downversion Flame or Batch proj

Hello all, apologies if this is a very noobish question, I’m pretty new to Flame-

We have two freelancers working simultaneously on different versions of the same commercial. Unfortunately, they are on different versions of Flame - one is on Flame 2020.3.2 and one is on Flame 2022.

Is there any way of bringing batch setups from 2022 into 2020? I am aware that we could convert the 2020 project into 2022 and merge them, but we want the 2020 version to be the master version if possible. ie, we want to downversion from 2022 into 2020. Can batch groups saved out from 2022 be read into 2020?

Basically, just looking for a way for the artist working in Flame 2020 to be able to edit the work of the artist working in Flame 2022, without having to update the artist working in Flame 2020.

I’d test it if I could, but only have access to 2020 to test.


Sadly no. You can read from older, but not read from newer.